[EXACT STEPS] To sell out your product or service like hot cakes

Would you like your product or service to be so in demand that it sells out like hot cakes?

That’s exactly what happened when I sold out my special 2 hour intensive. Here are the exact steps I took to get there.

1. Set specific goal. I knew how many 2 hour intensives I desired to sell. From the start, I told people how many spots were available each week. That set urgency because it was exclusive and I knew that after this special ended I would retire the 2 hour intensive.

2. Knew what my ideal client wants. There’s a difference between want and need so when I talked about my service, I talked about their #1 problem vs. try to sell anything on my agenda.

3. Created my own buzz. Buzz doesn’t happen on it’s own. So I went to places where my ideal clients are (FB Groups) and posted enticing offers to generate interest. I didn’t just say “Buy my 2 hour intensive”. I gave them something they would be interested in finding out more about. And when I did it, I asked people to comment on the post if they wanted the info. When more people saw the post, more people wanted it.

4. Made it personal. I didn’t just send a link to buy, I created a relationship with my potential ideal clients and exchanged messages and got people on the phone. This built the know, like and trust factor.

5. Created a match between my potential client and my services. I didn’t try to sell just anything. I listened to see if their problem could be solved by my service. If it was, I offered it. If it wasn’t, I didn’t offer it and provided another resource. This showed I didn’t just care about the sell.

6. Consistent promotion on my featured item I was interested in selling. I takes constantly showing up and sharing what you have. I featured my 2 hour intensive in newsletters, on my FB group, in my conversations, etc. It wasn’t just one time, but multiple times in different ways so the information was relevant and fresh. This is because it can take some clients a longer time to actually buy from you. If they don’t buy the first time, it’s ok.

**Two of the clients I booked have been following me for over a year and one of them actually has been wanting to work with me for over a year. She finally booked a session with me. Stopping your promotions early can dampen your sales. Also, the promos weren’t in your face type of promos.

And last bonus tip…I visualized selling out my program and created a graphic with a sold out sign. Knowing that it would happen is key to manifesting.

So when you think about selling out a product or service follow these steps and you’ll be closer to holding up your own sold out sign!

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