I’m Genecia Alluora. And I’m the Founder of Queenz8 Business Group & the creator of Soul Rich Woman.

I know you get bombarded by people who promise you that they can help you start – and grow – your business.

Here’s what makes me different: Before I started teaching this “marketing stuff,” I actually ran REAL businesses. 

In fact, I own a training school that taught celebrities, artistes, politicians and individuals the art of presentation, image and media relations.

Together with my partners, we own a F&B retail chain, which now has 7 outlets in 3 countries.

I co-own a tech company that develops mobile apps for small businesses with additional 2 other online businesses in apparels and skin care under my belt.

In a year, I’ve clocked $100,000 in 3 months selling software products just using webinars. I’ve also brought in over 7-figures in revenue for a business group.

I’m Asia’s Mentor for Shopify Asia’s online merchants where we ran a 6-month competition to spot entreprenuerial smarts in business.


I never had a perfect website, nor do I have a 6-figure client enrollment technique. And I’m NOT techy.

What did I do?

All I did was using the principle of the 80/20 rulez.

How did I do it?

In this 80/20 rulez, I followed a three step strategy:

Step 1: I understood the shortcut to buyer psychology.

Step 2: Created offers that buyers were sold even before they were sold.

Step 3: I sold them stuff.

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All my best,

Genecia Alluora

How I Used Webinars to Attract 500 Clients, made 7-Figures in 12 months.

***How I Used Webinars to Attract 500+ Clients, made my 7-Figures in 12 months***

The formula I’m about to share with you has been tested, over and over and over again since 2014 (that’s the first time I attempted to sell using webinars)… The first 3 projects I launched with webinars FAILED miserably.

No one showed up, and if they did, very few bought.

After several failed attempts with webinars, I cracked the code (finally), and had my first 6 figure month using webinars. Since then, I’ve launched several successful projects, and businesses strictly using webinars and videos, and today, I’ll share the most valuable & profitable things I’ve learned throughout my journey.

Lesson #1 Choosing a Business and Pricing Model
First, figure out what you’re going to sell.

Is it an 8-week course? Mastermind group? Done for you service? 1-on-1 coaching?

Just to be clear, I’m not big on selling anything under $1,000 on videos or webinars… or selling anything under $1,000 at all for that matter. Did the whole low ticket thing very successfully for YEARS… I own it, I still have the low ticket thing, and now I have high ticket programs that I sell consistently.

Next, figure out the pricing model you’re going to use.
Is it a $97 course? $197 course? $997 course? $3,000 course? $25,000 course? $100,000 course?

Pricing is important.

Pricing will determine how you’re going to structure your webinar.

If it’s priced $3,000 and below, it’s can be sold via webinar and videos, and it doesn’t require you to talk to anyone over the phone to close the deal!

Side note to people selling over $3,000 on webinars without the phone: I’m sure you can close packages higher than $3,000 over webinars without the phone… I’ve done it, but not in a SCALED manner… And I have a rule of thumb for myself… (yes, this is what I’m thinking now. SCALE) If I can’t get 200 ‘high paying’ clients with a certain pricing structure or model, I’m not going to use that model. (that’s why I’m always striving to tweak and test my sales funnels, and never settle for less)

For me, it’s all about having a business, and pricing model that can scale sustainably, and is aligned with my lifestyle.

If it’s priced higher than $3,000, you need to add a ‘personal interaction’ component to it like a strategy session over the phone, or a personal email or chat. Either way, it needs more ‘personal’ for you to sell at higher price points. Like the “chat” sessions.

I’ll give you a few examples based on my personal experience…
Few years ago, I sold a ‘high end’ software product and course for $20,000 , and got over 100 paying clients in less than 6 months, after setting up chat sessions over coffee.

Few years ago, I also sold done for you services for my training school and got over 50 clients (in just a few weeks) who paid anywhere from $499-$3,997 for my services…. It all happened automatically via webinars.

So for my packages and services that cost $3,000-$100,000+, I make sure to ALWAYS add an application process, or offer a ‘strategy session’, as more TRUST is required for selling a higher ticket program.

Don’t think that its only because its me so it happens. Nope that’s not true. I found out that this system is duplicatable and it allows you to do the same too.

So my Q is:
//How are you intending to price your programs?
//What can you do to structure your business(es) so that sales actually happen AUTOMATICALLY?

C’mon over.

If you’re not chasing your dreams and living a life YOU designed… You’re doing it wrong.

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All my best,

Genecia Alluora