I’m Genecia Alluora. And I’m the Founder of Queenz8 Business Group & the creator of Soul Rich Woman.

I know you get bombarded by people who promise you that they can help you start – and grow – your business.

Here’s what makes me different: Before I started teaching this “marketing stuff,” I actually ran REAL businesses. 

In fact, I own a training school that taught celebrities, artistes, politicians and individuals the art of presentation, image and media relations.

Together with my partners, we own a F&B retail chain, which now has 7 outlets in 3 countries.

I co-own a tech company that develops mobile apps for small businesses with additional 2 other online businesses in apparels and skin care under my belt.

In a year, I’ve clocked $100,000 in 3 months selling software products just using webinars. I’ve also brought in over 7-figures in revenue for a business group.

I’m Asia’s Mentor for Shopify Asia’s online merchants where we ran a 6-month competition to spot entreprenuerial smarts in business.


I never had a perfect website, nor do I have a 6-figure client enrollment technique. And I’m NOT techy.

What did I do?

All I did was using the principle of the 80/20 rulez.

How did I do it?

In this 80/20 rulez, I followed a three step strategy:

Step 1: I understood the shortcut to buyer psychology.

Step 2: Created offers that buyers were sold even before they were sold.

Step 3: I sold them stuff.

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All my best,

Genecia Alluora

FAST-TRACK your services/programs launch – Successfully.

Hey y’all! Starting from July 22nd, every wednesday, I’d be sharing ….
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4. Launched and want to double my sales in the next launch

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